404_039 Brought to You by Prison Ramen

We discuss why you would become an artist, how to make money on the internet, and what automation means in capitalism.

How do you become an artist? – It’s the only job where it’s ok to say: “I don’t know what I’m doing”. You can’t say this as a doctor! – As much as your brain wants to try new things, your hands should compel to the desire – What does it take to apply at the art academy? – In art school, you have time for art – “Everything I do on my laptop is free” – If you start to pay for the services you get addicted to the quality – How to make money on the internet – “I don’t believe in AdWords or Patreon” – Where are the online tutorials for how to apply for art school? – If you have the recipe for making art, it’s not art anymore – They boil the water with their anger – Payment Method in Jail: Instant Noodles/Ramen – “Ramen-based economy” – AI Future and Labour Anxiety – Self-driving underground trains – Just a facade of automation – How is automation being used as a strategy by capitalism to increase the power of the already powerful and make people work even more? – “I don’t want to deal with other people anymore” – It’s just too crowded out there – It’s so easy to give up freedom for convenience – They Can’t Track the Shame – Targeting Ads

What do you want to have automated?

Astra Taylor: The Automation Charade https://logicmag.io/failure/the-automation-charade/