404_040 Innovation and the aesthetics of capitalism

What are the concepts of creativity and innovation, in general, socially, and in the context of art? And what does innovation look and feel like? Sorry, this episode has exceptionally bad audio quality because of an easy mistake I made (E.)

We’re in a bunker – Except Leon, he’s somewhere else – What do creativity and innovation mean? What do we expect from them? – When the state invests in students, it wants to create revenue, it’s a capitalist thing – Artists are supposed to be creative – Can they help people with economic education create better products? – What do creativity and innovation mean in the context of art? – Art students want to be critical and ask questions – Da Vinci as universal genius – Everyone can’t be a new Da Vinci – Silicon Valley: “move fast, break things” – Danger of applying the same principle to everything – You can’t break down your entire health and body into a single drop – Leonardo was a TripAdvisor – Leonardo institute trying to create Renaissance Men – It’s competitive; very silicon valley – “Institute for Economic Growth” – Ideation – Techniques like Design Thinking/3-5-6 method – The Absatzwirtschaft – Creativity barriers: interpersonal conflicts/cultural backgrounds/intellectual property – Danger of putting results above everything else – Fill in the fucking blanks with something you know, not something new – Make a lot in little time – Superhero Method: what would Jesus do? – Beginner Level Creativity – Biomimicry: what would a bird do? – Design Thinking: everyone has to work like a designer, no matter their profession – Once you push the human-centered thing too far, everything else is left behind – Break down your problem; you don’t have to go to atomic level; just 1-2 levels deeper than most people – Capitalism is about the edges – It needs to expand – What is social innovation? – Censorship not necessarily a bad thing – What is education? You mimic your parents – What is the body’s physical reaction to innovation? – We all have back problems now – You get addicted to looking at your phone because you get a small endorphine dose everytime – At the presentation of the first iPhone, people were in joy – The first time i used YouTube for karaoke i lost my shit – Can something bad be innovation? – Like nuclear weapons – Is a rock star innovative? – In the first movie theatre, people got scared of the train in the movie coming towards them – People thought The War of the Worlds radio play by Orson Welles was real, because nothing like it existed before – There are funny artists – Put your hands behind your back when you look at art – Does art have to be innovative? – A lot of people only expect beauty – Does the artist reproduce an emotion that I have, too? Or do they make me feel something that I know, but in a different way? – Art has been trying to reinvent itself over time – Cave paintings were innovative when they were first done – Technology can take on the role of art; then, art has to find meaning in a different way – Art: changing your reality. getting at something bigger than you’re asked to – What does the language of innovation do? – Simon Denny uses the language of innovation the most – What is The New Thing? Probably AR – New Siri voice is going to be more organic by being more artificial – Airbnb/Share Economy has a social factor and a financial/capitalistic factor – Innovation is not always wanted – Use art as a tool for your life – In the future, that isn’t going to matter – It’s possible to apply a working principle and get a totally different/unexpected result – First Principles Thinking – Would an AI innovate better than a human? – Humans make innovations for themselves, not for nature – Would AIs innovate for AIs? – We need bees for avocados!